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Under No Circumstances Will Stephen A. Smith Meet Kwame Brown In Seattle For Hand-To-Hand Combat

We can say a lot of things about Stephen A. Smith. We can disagree on a lot of things about Stephen A. Smith. But we can all agree him deciding not to meet Kwame Brown in Seattle is just smart. There's no other way to put it. I talked about it in the blog yesterday: 

If a man who did not grow up in Seattle knows the ins and outs of combat law within the city, you avoid them. You apologize for screaming about that person, especially when there's a 100 percent chance you lose the fight. Hell, I don't care if Stephen A became a bad ass on TV: 

In fact Stephen A. is invoking 'big boy rules.' I'm pretty sure that's screaming mercy, but he's putting it out there. It's the Twitter version of raising the white flag. I also love that Stephen A is acting like a pissed off significant other here. If you've been in a relationship before you know the term 'this is just funny.' It's not as bad as your girlfriend sending you 'k' or 'I'm fine' but it's a top tier, 'you fucked up' line. If your significant other starts a sentence with 'I just think it's funny that…' just start apologizing. You did something wrong. Trust me. 

You also know that Stephen A won't stay quiet on this. We're talking about Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman. He will respond whether he likes it or not.