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Shohei Ohtani Heard People Chirp Him For His Short Homer In Fenway This Weekend And Decided To Shut Them Up With This BOMB To Dead Center

I'll never get tired of blogging about Shohei Ohtani home runs, that is my promise to you. A few hours after it was announced that the best player in our generation goes down with an injury, the best player in baseball steps up and blasts one. As is tradition the Angels were already down 5-0 but he got them on the board. Center field ABOVE the plants and onto the batters eye out there. Took that pitch right at the belt and a little outside and found a way to send it a long, long way to center. I just don't understand how he does this every night. He's not human. A league leading 14 bombs and he's not slowing down. The franchise record for homers is 47 by Troy Glaus, Ohtani is on pace for 55. Crazy to say that isn't a reach with him. Plus he'll also have like 12 wins, an ERA under 3, and a WHIP of about 1.000. It's time to start talking about him in the same breath as Juan Soto, Fernando Tatis Jr, and Ronald Acuña Jr. He's as good as all of them, if not better right now. Can't wait for him to hit a ball that literally bounces for a home run this week, looking forward to that. And he's getting cocky now too! Watches it for a little, a nice little walk and the bat toss to the side. Think it's safe to say he knows he's that good.