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I Think Kevin Pillar Is My New Favorite Baseball Player After Walking Into The Mets Clubhouse With A Fractured Face And Asking If He Was In The Lineup Before Giving An A+++ Interview With The Media

I didn't think I could love Kevin Pillar any more than I already did after he formed the dynamic duo known as the Illar Brothers and took a fastball off the face then walking off the field under his own power while blood absolutely flooded out of his nose. Yet here we are. Kevin Pillar was ready to cowboy the fuck up (is that still a saying?) and put his name in the lineup if his eye wasn't displaced by the MULTIPLE fractures on his face. 

Baseball is an adherently stupid sport where nothing makes sense, but I will go to my early grave convinced that shit like this helps a team get breaks in a game full of randomness just like Jason Varitek shoving his glove into A-Rod's face fired up the 2004 Red Sox or Chase Utley trying to murder Ruben Tejada in cold blood brought the 2015 Mets to another level. So Kevin Pillar simply walking into the clubhouse and showing the fellas that Jacob Webb's complete lack of command wasn't gonna stop him from 

Then we had Pillar's comments before the game, which had me ready to run through a wall outside of the fact I am a big pussy that would cry for hours in I bruised my face while doing so let along had multiple fractures.

The easiest way to get the gang of savages known as Mets fans onto your side is to say you feel good despite looking like you went 12 rounds with Peak Mike Tyson then saying the only thing that hurts is that you can't be there for your teammates who are dropping at an ALARMING rate. 

As for the guy who actually did the damage to his face, Pillar was about as nice as you could be to Jacob Webb for 

Oh yeah and Pillar brought the lineup card out to the umpires before the game.

And his baseball brother Jonathan Villar hit a 2-run bomb in Pillar's honor.

Before Thomas Nido capped off the win with a bomb in the 9th. You know how people say that we should just build the entire plane out of the black box? I think the Mets should build the entire team out of the Bench Mob. This team is fun and resilient as shit. We've even reached a point where the bullpen went from the elephant's graveyard for Mets fans to a strength where even the middle of the road guys are performing and giving incredible sound bites.

Shit, Tommy Hunter is angling to take Kevin Pillar's throne as my favorite player, isn't he?

God I love this team. Let's go sweep the Bravos down in Atlanta with our hodge podge lineup and rotation. See you bitches at 96! #LFGM