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Another Normal Day For Louisville Hoops - Former Assistant Dino Gaudio Is Facing Federal Extortion Charges For Threatening To Go Public With Recruiting Violations After Being Fired

Louisville truly is a blogger's dream, especially when that blogger went to Kentucky. They just continue to be the laughingstock of the sport. Whether it's hookers squirting to the ceiling leading to NCAA infractions, Papa John, banners coming down and a title vacated (Trey Burke didn't foul either) and now this. Former assistant Dino Gaudio is facing federal extortion charges. Gaudio of course was fired and that was a whole bit of news within the college basketball world. 

But now this? We're talking about the FBI and I'm pretty sure Louisville leads the nation in both extortion charges and involvement with the FBI, so they got that going for them, which is nice. Oh and what exactly happened here? 

Just so perfect. Gaudio trying to use some bullshit NCAA rule against Louisville and it leads to extortion. The program just won't stop with hilarious headlines. You can't even make this up, it legit reads like an mad-lib. I also want to know ... what was the end game here? Did Gaudio really think he'd get away with it? This works what? Roughly 0% of the time, maybe .1% if you're lucky. For all the 'dirty' things that go on in recruiting (just check Louisville's recent history if you're Gaudio) this, THIS, is what you tried to extort them with? Louisville had to laugh in his face right? That has to be the only reaction when someone tries to extort you. 

I can't wait for Chris Mack and Louisville's statement for this. Never change, Louisville. Never, ever change.