We Have Some Kickoff Times for CFB Week 1 and It Is Going to Be Glorious

Next week, we will hit the mark of just 100 days remaining until the 2021 college football season. We've made it more than halfway through the off-season. And we get a little mini treat today with some kickoff times for the best games of Week 1.

On Saturday, we'll get Alabama-Miami at 3:30 and then roll right into what may very well could be the best regular season game of the year in Georgia-Clemson. We're going with the Daytona 500 model of getting the best matchup right off the bat this season. Whichever team comes out on top in that one will have an inside track to the College Football Playoff from the jump.

And then we'll still have more football on Sunday and Monday, with an ACC-but-not-really-ACC game between Notre Dame and Florida State and then the first look at Ole Miss in Lane Kiffin's second season when it takes on Louisville.

This is going to be an unbelievable weekend of college football. My only complaint is that only one of those four games is being played at a campus site. Is UGA-Clemson going to be an awesome game regardless of where it's played? Sure. But playing it in Charlotte sponsored by Duke's Mayo is nowhere near the same as having those teams meet in Death Valley or Sanford Stadium.

As great as I'm sure the atmosphere in Charlotte will be, I don't think it will live up to this:

But that's the way these Week 1 games are being scheduled now. It is what it is. Wherever these games are played, they're going to be awesome matchups and an incredible way to open the season. And assuming these are played in front of full capacity crowds, I'll take a college football game in front of a full stadium however I can get it.

And those four aren't the only great games we have just in Week 1. Take a look at some of these bad boys.

Texas taking on a Louisiana team that should begin the season in the Top 25 is going to be an incredible football game. Then you have a battle between Group of Five heavyweights in UCF and Boise State. And then we get some Big Ten battles right out of the gate, too.

Damn, this is going to be awesome. Give me college football right now.