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Dennis Schroder Is Refusing To Wear Any Pair Of Kyrie's Signature Shoes Now After Getting Into A Scrap With Him Earlier This Season

What the hell is going on with Dennis Schroder and shoes? He had this story not too long ago: 

And now he's refusing to wear Kyrie's sneakers after a little scrap earlier this season. 

Feel like he's not going to wear LeBron's shoes next after he leaves the Lakers. It's going to happen. But I actually love this move. I said it yesterday, sports are better when there's pettiness involved. Two point guards for two of the best teams in the league (when healthy) and they hate each other. If we get Nets/Lakers in the NBA Finals, I can't wait for this to be a storyline. I hope they each do something to piss each other off regarding shoes. 

I wish I was in Schroder's brain during this process too. Just sitting there stewing about hating Kyrie and needing to do something. Comes up with the brilliant idea of refusing to wear his sneakers. Who cares if they are comfortable and he has like 40 pairs of them? He's #DONE with them. Raffle them off for a good cause and find another pair. Is it a bit corny? Sure. But it's petty and I love petty. It's so dumb, it's perfect.