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That Silky Bastard Cale Makar Is Single-Handedly Restoring My Love For Hockey

I promise this is the last time I'm going to talk about this godforsaken team this year but the Philadelphia Flyers ruined hockey for me this year. 29 years on planet Earth and this was the first one that I truly just couldn't give less of a shit about the sport because that's how much the Flyers sucked the fun out of it for me. I feel like a dog who is super skittish around humans because he comes from an abusive background. The Flyers beat me to the ground, but after watching this silky bastard go to work last night? I'm ready to come back. 

I mean what a menace. The edge work. The hip action. Low blocker hey how ya doin. It may not look like much but there's really nothing more you could ask from Tyler Bozak there. He got out to the point quickly after losing the draw. Pretty much any other defenseman has that puck and they're kicking it right back to MacKinnon and then the Blues PK unit can get themselves situated. Instead, Makar walks the line like he's Johnny Cash and takes that puck home like he's Eddie Money. 

This Avs team is everything that hockey should look like. Watching Cale Makar is like watching poetry in motion. That goal right there was a work of art. You could hang it in the Louvre. But on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, you also have the captain dropping some massive right handed bombs directly to the skull of Brayden Schenn. 

Beauty and grace. Brawn and grit. Hockey is the one sport in the world that manages to weave both of them together perfectly, and the Colorado Avalanche have perfected it. 

Now will somebody please do me a favor and finally fight Jordan Binnington. Poor fella has been begging for a tilt all season long.