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Albert Pujols Got DFA'd By The 18-22 Angels And Then Batted Cleanup And Played First In His First Game For The Defending Champion Dodgers

Last night we got our first look at Albert Pujols in that Dodger blue, and it was weird. Just a few days after his DFA from the Angels he agreed to a MLB deal with the Dodgers and said he would do whatever it would take to help them win. Who knows the real story because the last thing we heard from the Angels was he was upset with lack of playing time, diminishing role and all that. Now he goes to one of the best teams on paper and what ends up happening? He bats cleanup and starts at first. He became the oldest player to hit cleanup for the Dodgers at the ripe age of 41. He had only played in about half the games at first for the Angels and only hit cleanup twice for them. Obviously you aren't going to put ancient Albert at cleanup over Trout, Ohtani, or Anthony Rendon, but it is funny that he couldn't find playing time on the Angels, hasn't been close to a productive player in years and the first time he shows up at Dodger park he's hitting cleanup. He was hitting .198 as an Angel, had an OBP of .250 (!!!), and an OPS of .622, that is GROSS! And now he's driving in runs rocking 55 in Dodger blue.

I get it, the Dodgers have a billion injuries, but Pujols hitting cleanup and playing first isn't what I would have expected. I guess with MadBum on the mound it gives you the righty-lefty matchup. My guess is that it was getting super ugly in Anaheim and they cut bait to save face. The he said, she said stuff has been going on and who knows if we'll know the truth. All I know is the Angels are not a good baseball team and didn't want him, and now the Dodgers, one of the most talented teams on paper pencil him in at the 4 spot. Good for you, Albert. 

PS. Albert is first team all "You don't look right in that uniform" now. Been wearing red for 20 years, blue doesn't look right on him.