We've Got A Brief Follow Up To Yesterday's ELECTRIC Faceoff (AND A KICK LANDS!)



In case you missed it, yesterday, we were introduced to Hasbulla - quite possibly the most electric little dude on the internet. He's an 18-year-old MMA fan from Makhachkala who suffers from a rare genetic disorder that has stunted his growth, but he hasn't let that stop him making a big name for himself over in Russia and pursuing his dream of becoming a mixed martial artist….

Someone sent me a second part of that faceoff video this morning, and it's pretty damn good….

Hasbulla snaps that leg kick like a whip!! I'm almost surprised he didn't hit that nerve that Poirier hit on Conor, killing the leg dead right there!! Loved the level of anger and theatrics from his opponent, too - that guy is startin to win me over as well. Couldn't BELIEVE Hasbulla would act so outta turn.

I still haven't been able to find out when this fight is happening - or, I guess, if it's really happening at all - because of the language barrier (and the fact that I'm blocked by half of the Khabib fan accounts that post about Hasbulla), so if anybody find outs out answers to the following questions, please share with the class….

1. When is this fight happening?

2. How can we watch this fight when it happens?

3. Does Hasbulla's opponent have the same genetic disorder that he does? Or is he just…young? Respectfully.

4. Will longtime Hasbulla fan and new coach Khabib Nurmagomedov be in his corner?

5. They fighting boxing or MMA rules? 

They better not limit Hasbulla. I wanna see those kicks in the cage! 

Let's go Hasbulla!!!