Hartford's President Was Booed To High Heaven During Graduation And Ran Off Stage Like A Coward

Look at this fucking coward. I've had a handful of students and athletes at Hartford reach out to me the last couple of days to show me some videos and shit about the reaction to Hartford moving from Division I to Division III. Shockingly, they hate it. Rightfully so. In case you missed it, Hartford's President Gregory Woodward, was a snake to begin with: 

Can't even do his own dirty work. At least have the balls when you cut off the head of your student-athletes. 

The man is taking a page right out of Goodell's playbook. Get booed and run and hide. Be too afraid to meet someone who challenges you. I just love the booing though. There's nothing like a good boo, especially when the whole crowd is into it. Let that man know your feelings. Hartford softball did it a different way, just flat out refusing to acknowledge Hartford on their jerseys right after the ruling: 

The baseball team even got in on it. Dude threw a no-hitter the DAY after the decision

During graduation, a player put his conference title ring right in Woodward's face to show him who he's fucking over (h/t Will Nowak on Instagram). 

Good for everyone at Hartford. Make your voices heard by booing a coward to high heaven.