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'Let Them Play' Merch Available Now. 100% Of Proceeds Support Golfers And Staff Attending The Tournament.

Alright so as everyone is probably aware by now, the LTP Classic is officially happening down in Arizona later this week. The thing is a full GO and it's one of the cooler things this company has ever done. Riggs has been working day and night to put this thing together at the last minute and it's gonna be great. If you don't know what the LTP Classic is, click here to read the whole story. The whole thing is actually bananas when you look back where it started and where it is now. 

I mean just look at this 


Anyway. As Riggs said in his tweet, we are covering all flights, hotels, taxis and food for all the players and staff so we've made Let Them Play merch available so people can help support the tournament, the players and the staff. 100% of the proceeds will go to helping cover the cost of the players and the staff attending the tournament. There's so much good stuff. 

There's hoodies 

Youth hoodies 


T shirts 

Ladies tees 


There's a little something for anyone in there. Again, 100% of the proceeds will go to support the golfers and the staff attending the tournament. You'll feel good about yourself buying and wearing that merch knowing you supported an awesome event. Not to mention the logo is EN FUEGO. One of the better logos Barstool Sports has ever come up with. So buy a shirt or a hoodie, support women's college golf, support a great event and look awesome doing it. No brainer.