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Adley Rutschman Hit A Home Run So Far It Bounced Off His Own Face On The Videoboard

I've watched this video at least 100 times since it happened and I won't stop, you can't make me. Orioles prospect and #2 overall prospect in baseball, Adley Rutschman, hit a ball in Bowie that was crushed. Murdered. Blasted into Bolivian. Demolished. Pissed on. Any word you can use to describe a ball being hit hard, that word fits for this home run. He hit it so far that he hit his own face on the big screen. You don't really see balls hit the videoboard down in Bowie, it's because it’s 434 feet away. You can see the screen blink when it gets hit too, gotta love that. This one was his third of the year and it was still going up too, he crusheeeeeed it. If this was hit in Camden it woulda been 3/4ths up the center field bleachers out there. Has to be an awesome moment when you hit the snot out of a ball and smash your own face on the big screen. Videoboards beware, Adley is headed to your town and is looking to demolish any screen he sees. You're been warned. I can't wait until next season in Baltimore and we see this on the reg.