"Sam Hinkie Knew" - Joel Embiid, Everybody With At Least Half A Functioning Brain

The late great philosopher Socrates once said, "don't hate the player, hate the game". 

Well how much of an absolute putz do you think Adam Silver woke up feeling like today? Because not only did he just hate the player, but he hated the player so much that he forced him out of the game. That ass face made the Sixers fire Sam Hinkie, replaced him with some bozo who wore goofy clown shirts, and for what? Because Sam Hinkie realized how to beat the system? 

This man had a vision. He knew it would take a few years of swimming around in a dumpster full of wet shit, but he knew that one day it would all come together. That one day the Philadelphia 76ers men's professional basketball team would clinch the 1st seed in the Eastern Conference for the first time since Allen Iverson did it in '01. Maybe it took a little longer than anticipated but that's art. You can't rush these things. Art is done when it's done. There's no set timetable. There's no real schedule to stay on. Everybody else just sits back, shuts up, and enjoys the masterpiece whenever it's unveiled. 

Trust The Process. 

Now it's time to actually do something in the playoffs. 1st seed is great and everything. It proves that this is a Sixers team that can sustain that level of play. But Broad Street could use a little confetti and a ton of Bud Light flooding the street in July.