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Jazz Chisholm's Home Run Gave Us A Great Pitcher Reaction On The Mound

Jazz Chisholm may be on a rehab assigned with the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp but that didn't stop him from doing Jazz Chisholm things. Offspeed pitch center cut and he laces it to deep center, Jazz knew it was gone off the bat. You know who else knew it was gone? David Hess, the pitcher. 

If you're in this position anytime on a baseball field something went horribly wrong. Chisholm's homer almost made Hess physically ill, he ripped his soul straight put of his chest. Have to love how he is still rocking the massive gold chains in his rehab assignment. Those chains probably cost more than the pregame spread for the teams down there but he's still going to homer off you and flash them. If you're Hess you can't be too upset though, Jazz is a legit MLB player, no shame in him going yaya off you. Maybe you're upset if you missed your spot or just couldn't locate it, but no shame in Jazz tagging you in a rehab start. I actually know Hess from his time with the Orioles, but I have to say I love how he wears his emotions on his sleeve here. I'm a fan of the "fold yourself over on the mound" move when you get tagged, that is how you let them know they got it. I can't wait till Jazz is healthy and back in the bigs, need those big old chains flopping around.