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Stop Asking Anthony Edwards If He Knows Alex Rodriguez .. He Did A Lot Of Research And Knows All About ARod Now

We need a microphone in front of Anthony Edwards at all times. The man is a walking quote and this battle about whether or not he knows Alex Rodriguez has been going on for a long time - his words. In actuality it's been a month. On May 13, Anthony Edwards said he's never heard of Alex Rodriguez in his life 

A week later his research started to show as he said he wanted J Lo to get back with his new best friend (sorry Tommy Smokes) 

And now we have the start to a beautiful friendship. A Rod and Ant hitting the streets of Minneapolis tearing up the bar scene. You see Anthony Edwards did his research, basically. There was something Alex Rodriguez did, but he can't remember so no biggie. It could be anything really. The picture of him kissing the mirror, the steroid allegations, buying the Wolves, splitting with J Lo. Who knows. That's not up for us to decide. That's between Anthony Edwards and his search history. 

I'm so excited for the first time these two meet. Anthony Edwards is going to hit A Rod with so many Wikipedia facts he won't even know what's about to hit him.