John Mulaney Is Rumored To Be Dating Olivia Munn, Which Seems Really Quick After His Divorce Announcement And His Rehab Stint, Whatever Though

Huh. Okay, John. Love of my life, angel on earth, man I identify most with in this world. You want to date Olivia Munn? Seems a little quick, but I guess we all need a good rebound with someone who means literally nothing. Is she hot, sure! Is she cool, probably! Go ahead and get it out of your system. I'm going to respectfully not speak to you while you date her, considering she's an actual home wrecker, not in the way you think, but she destroys family homes (See: Aaron Rodgers.) He's at rock bottom, and this just confirms it. Poor John. Get well soon, baby. 

I'll see you when you're feeling your best. When you're ready for a real woman. 

And because I'm a company woman, and not a jealous bitch, here are some pics of Olivia Munn: