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Tom Brady Has No Idea Why Giants Fans Hate Him And I Couldn't Agree More

NYP- Tom Brady apparently is still haunted by his two Super Bowl losses to Eli Manning and the Giants. Despite winning his record seventh NFL championship in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the former New England Patriots star quarterback admitted in a podcast appearance this week that he’d like another crack at the Giants in the postseason.

“I got a question for you. How could you hate me when you’re a Giants fan? You should love me! That was the only team I never beat, was the freakin’ Giants,” Brady said on The Complex Sports Podcast. “It’s all good. I’ve got to figure out how to beat the Giants someday. Maybe we gotta have some type of rematch now that I’m in Tampa in a championship game.”

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Apologies for using that very outdated and overused reaction gif, but Giants fans hating Tom Brady, and to a bigger extent the New England Patriots, has never made any sense to me and driven me nuts for years for three very simple, indisputable facts:

1. The two biggest games the Giants ever played against Brady's Patriots ended being two of the greatest nights of our lives. During said games, I hated Brady with every ounce of my being because he was just so fucking good. But it's funny how you forget the heat of battle after a night of drinking champagne followed by being packed dick-to-ass with New Yorkers at a parade down the Canyon Of Heroes.

2. Tom Brady beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl once and would've done it again if the Patriots remembered to pack a defense for Nick Foles. That game still makes me angry til this day as does the fact that some Giants "fans" actually rooted for the Eagles in that game.

3. Most important of all, my favorite gif ever wouldn't be possible without Tom Brady

The better Brady does, the more impressive Eli Manning's two GIANT victories (get it?) become. Fuck Eli being a Hall of Famer or first ballot Hall of Famer. Hell, they may waive the rest of Eli's five year waiting period for Canton if Brady wins another Super Bowl this season. 

The only reason I can understand a Giants fan hating Brady or the Pats is because they are Yankees fans that have nothing but hate in their heart for all things Boston because of the Red Sox. As a Mets/Giants gypsy fan that loathes all things Philly outside of cheesesteaks and Rone while also watching that blood feud between the Yanks and Sox unfold during the 2000s, I get it. But as a Knicks fan that has had no real animosity towards the Celtics outside of a couple of playoff series, I don't. Unless you just blanket hate all things with New England roots, Barstool excluded, it just doesn't make sense to me. Yeah Patriots fans can be a bit much like any fanbase that just went on the greatest dynasty we've ever seen. But if you say 18-1, David Tyree, or even the Roman numerals XLII, you can see the life and any shred of confidence instantly drain from their eyes. 

Even the big bad HC of NEP that is hated by so many fans helped the Giants win their first two Super Bowls, gave us our current coach that will lead us out of the depths of football hell, and loves the Giants franchise more than probably everyone not named Mara.

Again, if you want to hate Brady for being rich, good looking, and married to an even richer and better looking supermodel wife that's fine. I get it. Even writing that out kinda pissed me off. But I personally save my hate for the NFC East teams instead of a guy that went from a 6th round pick with a dad bod to the greatest football player ever while also giving Giants fans two of the best moments of their lives as well is this picture which may be the best picture in the history of photography.

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