Ten Topics Ten Minutes: Where Was Teacher Nipple Sucking When I Was In School?

Earlier this week a New York City public school teacher fired after she was caught sucking her boyfriend's nipple on a zoom camera during class. 

It looks like Profesora Fletcher trying to teach Spanish all of a sudden we were doing a little bit of sex ed.

I mean, you can't even imagine what these kids are learning on Zoom classes these days with the amount of people who have fucked up. We got the CNN guy got caught jerking off. We got the teacher who's sucking nipples. We got people forgetting their cameras are on left and right. We used to have to pay for this type of entertainment and these kids are just getting it in their classes everyday for FREE!

Can you imagine some of the questions the kids in Profesora Fletcher's class are going home to ask their parents? 

"Mommy, Daddy, why was my Spanish teacher sucking some dude's nipple?"

"Well, honey, it's a little something called foreplay. It's a little something called erotic erogenous zones that get you going."

Seriously where the fuck were zoom classes when I was growing up? I would've killed for that kind of sexual knowledge when I was 12 years old!

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