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As Far As I Can Tell, Every Washington Football Team Fan Is Planning On Traveling To Vegas For The December 5th Game. It's Going To Be Madness


The full WFT schedule was released last night, inching us closer and closer to a new season, this time with 17 regular season games. I could go through it game by game and give my thoughts but the date is May 13th so that'd be sort of silly considering so many things can happen between now and September 12th. I will say though, ending the season with 5 straight divisional games is going to be crazy....but not as crazy as week 13, December 5th against the Las Vegas Raiders.


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Across all of WFT Twitter, there is an ocean of optimism for the upcoming season that I've never seen before. We are coming off a division title, won with a plethora of QBs and only 1 WR in Scary Terry. We have a QB now, signed Curtis Samuel, and the defense got even better. And now, with optimism higher than I've ever seen it, we get to escape Washington DC and go to Vegas for a game. Everyone is already booking a trip. I've never seen anything like it. It's the perfect storm of excitement that we might actually be good this year, the fact everyone HATES going to home games because FedEx Field is a dump, and the fact we get to go to VEGAS BABY. It's shaping up to be a WFT convention out there. The city will be packed with burgundy and gold. I 100% am planning on being there, I can't wait. 

And I gotta believe this is true across all fan bases. Gotta believe on October 10th Bears fans will be taking over the city. On October 24th all of DelCo will be there. And on December 5th, there will be number 99 Chase Young jerseys as far as the eye can see, from the Bellagio to the Strat, the Wynn to Circus Circus, fans of the Football Team will be out in droves.

I've already begun making tentative plans. I've never planned this far in advance for anything. I absolutely cannot wait and I hope to see you all there.