I've Never Seen Someone As Disinterested In Something As Taijuan Walker Was During His At-Bat Vs Matt Harvey

Lost in the Mets dismantling of the Orioles in Game 2 of their series was the hitting display put on by Taijuan Walker. Josh Donaldson always talks about going up at-bat ready to do damage, have a violent swing, this is what they're talking about when they say that. Ready to attack the ball at the drop of a hat. Obviously this is all a joke, as is pitchers hitting in the NL. This is a debate that's gone on too long and I can't believe it's 2021 and we still don't have the universal DH. We had it last season and it's something that needs to be permanent in baseball. This isn't Taijuan's fault, no pitchers want to hit. Well I should say all, 99% of pitchers don't give a shit about hitting and just don't want to get hurt. Why are we still having pitchers bat in the NL? So we could watch Walker stand up for for 13 seconds and twiddle his thumbs and not give a shit? Pass.

It's a god awful argument that the NL is all about strategy and how to play the game. Bullshit, pulling your pitcher in the 6th at 65 pitches because there's a guy on second and you need a run isn't strategy, it's dumb. Pitchers have 0 interest in hitting, like none. Jacob deGrom doesn't get paid the big bucks to hit, Trevor Bauer didn't sign that big deal so he could hit singles, they're on the team to pitch, that's it. It's insane that NL teams have a pitcher go stand in a box for 3 pitches like Walker instead of having another weapon on their like, oh I don't know, Nelson Cruz? Albert Pujols? Miguel Cabrera? Why would you still want a pitcher trying not to get hurt over another bat in your lineup? In 2019 NL pitchers hit .131. No one wants to see that, and don't give me the shit about Bartolo hitting a home run, no one cares. Some pitchers hit home runs, but lets be real, no one is coming to the ballpark to watch pitchers try and hit. And I haven't even touched on injuries that usually happen to pitchers while hitting. Don't even try and bring up Ohtani either, he is a freak of nature and doesn't fall in the normal pitcher category. In the meantime, I applaud Walker for his performance in the box today, 3 pitches, 3 strikes and back to the dugout. Why do we do this? If MLB wants offense to be up stop sending lame duck pitchers up to bat, give us the big bats over the guys who don't give a shit. But the Walker at-bat was funny, very funny.