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I Am The Proud Parent Of The Greatest, Most Fun, And Profitable Bet In Sports

A lot of parents have their proud parent moments when their child gets their first little league hit or A+ on a test. Even bigger moments when they graduate high school and (not in my case) college if they're lucky! Those are all just normal people things.

For Eddie, Clem, and I it's different...way different. Our proud parent moment comes when our child, the BEC bet in the Barstool Sportsbook, wins and it just so happens we have been VERY proud parents as of late. I truly can't even explain what's happening. Our sweet boy is up 31.4U since it's inception. THIRTY ONE POINT FOUR UNITS!!!! When it was near up 10 units we joked about it getting to 10, same for when it was near 20, and now we thought 30 was impossible yet HERE WE ARE. 

What's the next step for our beloved child? 50 Units? 100 Units? 1000 Units? Time till tell...until then I just hope this blog doesn't jinx it...which it probably will. Sorry if so. 

Love you all, 

Proud Parent of BEC