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My Call of Duty Warzone Account Got Hacked. 45+ Days of Gameplay And My Life Is Gone.

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Is this what happens when you join Barstool!?

Regardless, welcome to PainU. Yup, that’s right, it’s the university for all things Pain and feelsbadman. Enrollment is all-year round.

But seriously, my account got hacked sometime over this weekend. Now since it was Mother’s Day and I am the BEST son of all-time, I was home celebrating with my family. That’s when my good friend and moderator, Statts put this on Twitter:

So at the top left of this picture should read (VIVA) MRagsTV - who the fuck is Red Rager!?!?!? I didn’t want to think about it while I wasn’t near my Gaming PC (aka my baby), so I waited until Sunday night when I got back to my apartment to check in. I was praying it was simply an Activision bug.

Low and behold, I try to sign onto my account Sunday anddddd it’s gone. The email was de-linked so I can’t even reset the password and my former Activision account, MRagsTV#4217597, can’t even be found on cod tracker. It’s simply just gone.

Whoever took it, changed the name to "RedRager" and hasn't played a single game. So, what's the point of taking it!?

This account was how I got my foot in the door with Smitty, Gametime and all of Barstool. Just a simple snap of the fingers, and it disappeared. Absolutely gut-wrenching.

I had over 45+ days played on the account, 544 Wins, 33,000+ kills and a 3.73 KD to top it all off.

Regardless of the stats, I do not what to go through the long, grueling process of ranking up all of my guns again. I think people forget how long this takes.

For the non-gamers out there, imagine building an insane collection of rookie cards across all sports for players you knew were gona be studs or were clear HOFers. I’m talking Trout, Jeter, Steph, Lebron, Eli Manning, Trevor Lawrence, Gretzky, you get the gist. 

Now, one day you go to find the collection in your closet and it’s just gone. Never to be seen again, with no trace that you ever owned it. Welcome to PainU

Tonight, we are starting at the bottom with a level 1 account without a single game of Call of Duty played.

Since the stats are being refreshed, we’re setting some lofty goals for the account:

  • 15%+ Win Percentage
  • 4+ KD
  • New PR of 35+ Kills

Join me on my journey below by joining chat!