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Here We Go, Fernando Tatis Jr. Has Tested Postive For COVID-19.

First big one of the MLB season and it's one of the faces of baseball. Jayce Tingler told reporters that Fernando Tatis Jr. has tested positive for COVID-19. He was placed on the IL earlier today for "health and safety protocol" reasons which isn't out of the ordinary in this 2021 season, but it appears tests came back positive and Tatis Jr. is going to be out for who knows how long. Dennis Lin from The Athletic reported that he is asymptomatic and that's good news for Tatis Jr. but it's still a big hit. Obviously it is still a very fluid story and it wasn't said how Tatis Jr. got it, but he's going to be away from the Padres now and that isn't good. They're struggling this season and have already missed Tatis Jr. for a chunk of the season with that shoulder injury, now who knows when he will be back and fully healthy. Tatis Jr. played on Sunday and hit that mammoth home run, so contract tracing and all that is probably being done as we speak. We all knew this would happen, players testing positive again and it sucks that it's starting now. Just a few minutes ago the Yankees announced one coach tested positive as well. For all teams I hope it's under control and doesn't turn into an outbreak like we saw last year. Have to hope Tatis Jr. gets up and gets back to full strength soon. This sucks.