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The Scenes From the Etihad Stadium After Manchester City Won the Premier League Were Pure Madness

Thanks to Manchester United's loss to Leister City on Tuesday, Man City officially clinched its third Premier League title in four years. And for the first time ever, City has a chance to tack on with a Champions League title in less than three weeks. It's an amazing time to be a Cityzen.

Which is why the scene outside the Etihad Stadium following United’s loss was an absolute MOVIE.

Ah, hell. Look, this is what happens when you win the league on an opponent's loss, okay? It’s a bit anticlimactic. Also, I'd like to point out that at least one club in Manchester has to abide by the rule of law and follow the UK's health and safety protocols. We can't all just throw dangerous protest parties on the pitch whenever we feel like it.

I, for one, would like to thank the locals for celebrating such a momentous occasion from the comfort of their homes and keeping everyone in the community safe. That's leadership by example.

But maybe after we win the Champions League, we have a bit more of a celebration. You simply can't have three dudes outside the stadium like they're the few crazies lined up two days before season tickets go on sale.

At least one guy showed up and started playing “Wonderwall” on the saxophone. That was a nice touch.