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Juan Soto Is Just Like Every Other 22 Year Old With A Small TV, Wires Everywhere, And His Silver Slugger Award Sitting In The Corner


Siri, enhance.



How fantastic is that? Future NL MVP Juan Soto doesn't have any worries in the world. Just living day by day, waking up, eating cereal, playing some baseball, and watching movies on his 40 inch TV. Wires are everywhere, TV stand from IKEA, and his Silver Slugger is sitting in the corner where you probably have a whiffle bat. I would love to see the size of his apartment, might not even be bigger than yours. I wonder if he even has a doorman or sprawling views of the city? 

But that's why Soto is the best. He doesn't pretend to be anything he's not. I'm sure eventually he'll upgrade, but right now he's happy just living his own 22 year old life under his own conditions. He doesn't need 5 bedrooms and a mounted Ultra-HD TV with surround sound speakers. Just get him an XBox and some delivery and that's a hell of a day. 

Besides, he already has the one thing that really matters: