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My Favorite MLB Manager Has A New Hot Girlfriend And That's Awesome

Big news announced today on the Cubs off day but not really news if you follow the gossip columns like I do. I've been patiently stalking this story like a freshly escaped Tiger from Houston residential captivity that encounters a frail old lady for the first time. All my senses are heightened. Everyone and everything is on high alert. I'm going to maul this old bitch to death aka get real deep on David Ross's new squeeze. And by real deep I mean we're going to look at some pictures of her. 

This is the first public relationship for the Cubs new skipper since his divorce early last year. Naturally you have to come out with some big moves and I would say swiping right on a nurse from Chicago Med is a step in that direction. Granted I have watched no more than 3 loose minutes across the Med/Fire/PD franchise but it sounds like people from Topeka, Kansas and similarly rurally-despondent areas hold it in high regard. I have a hunch the showrunners go light on the Gross Negligence storylines but nevertheless it's good to have the national representation. 

It's also good to know that David Ross is back on his feet presumably having good hard sex. I don't like my club's #1 decision maker walking around with a loaded gun on a daily basis. All good scientists will tell you that's an inefficient drain as you get older. Hard to fill out a lineup card when you're thinking about the Bottled Blonde hostess. Ipso facto, I am in full support of this relationship. They look so happy. 

I would be smiling too. I'll say that. Filthy rich. Seemingly confident. Objectively pretty. Check all the boxes Grandpa. You deserve to be happy. 

This is a developing story. Tune in this week to Red Line Radio for more details.