This Is May: The NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Is Set And UNC Is Now The Official Lax Capital Of The World

You walk outside this morning with your cup of coffee. You see some blue skies, the birds are chirping, maybe there's a scent of some fresh cut grass marinating in the morning dew. You take a quick moment to stop and reflect on everything that's going on around you. And you think to yourself that nothing else in the world matters because the 2021 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament is finally here. 

714 days. That's how long it's been since Memorial Day Weekend 2019. Don't quote me on that, I'm not a big calendar guy. But that's the last time we got to witness a new champion be crowned when Virginia took down Yale in the National Championship Game. A lot has changed in the world over those 714 days. But the one thing that has remained constant?

Well the ACC runs shit when it comes to college lacrosse and no other conference can really come close at this point. 

You've got the Tar Heels as the top seed in both the men's and the women's bracket. All 5 ACC teams getting into the tournament, 4 out of the top 6 seeds are from the ACC and honestly it should be 4 out of the top 5 because I still don't quite get Georgetown at 5 over Notre Dame. You have UNC and Duke both ahead of undefeated B1G champion Maryland at the 3 seed. And no other conference has more than 2 teams to make the tournament. So does the selection committee just have an ACC bias, or are these teams simply a group of shit kickers who will most likely turn Championship Weekend into the unofficial ACC Tournament? I think I'm going with the latter. 

Outside of the ACC, Rutgers gets saved from the bubble after Hopkins blew their lead against Maryland in the B1G Championship Game. Denver continues to get into the tournament every year after blowing their conference championship game. Loyola may have been saved by a false positive COVID test after not having to play in the Patriot League Championship game, and High Point gets rewarded by playing their 50th game against Duke in the past 3 years. 

So on today's episode of the podcast we get into the entire bracket, talk about which teams are on upset alert, talk about the best matchups of the 1st round, and get into some Final Four predictions. 

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