DK Metcalf Finishes Dead Last In His 100m Race, Doesn’t Give A Damn Because Other Athletes Are Scared To Run

By all accounts DK Metcalf is fast as shit. That’s underselling it. DK is ridiculously fast and still finished dead last in his Olympic Trial heat. It’s not even like he was way off the pace, he ran a 10.36. Again, fucking fast.

You know what else? Good for him. He walked the walk.

Sure he finished last but he had the balls to finish last. That matters. I love that he called people out for being scared. It’s one of those where he didn’t look terrible but still had no shot. Feel like that’s a win.

I still wish we got DK in the Olympics. It’d be legit awesome to see a big time pro athlete competing in an entire different sport. Shit, get DK on the US soccer Olympic qualifying team next time around and mix it up