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In Honor Of Mother's Day - Flashback To When I Tried To Sell My Mom's Cake To Save Barstool

It hasn’t always been candycanes and gumdrops at Barstool.  I wasn’t always a millionaire.  There was a time when I had to scratch and claw for every nickel to keep the lights on.   Barstool was a team game.  Every member of the Portnoy family was involved.   From delivering newspapers, to shipping shirts to selling my mom’s cake.  Everybody chipped in.  Brick by Brick.  Yes this is a real advertisement that I ran in the early newspaper days of Barstool.  And I stand by saying my mother’s Sour Cream Cake is the best cake on the planet. (terrible name I know. Big source of controversy in the Portnoy household for years) But ask anybody who knows me about the cake and they’ll tell you it’s legit as hell. In fact before I started Barstool I even debated buying a kiosk in the mall and selling slices there. So I figured this was the next best thing. Trying to sell “My Mom’s Cake” Unfortunately it did not take off. I think we got like 10 orders and they were all from friends and family who we ended up making the cakes for free. Total debacle. Ended up in the red big time with it. The fact that I actually put my mom’s cell phone number in the ad may be the most shocking part of it all. Maybe the worst son move ever. Although I bet I could sell a billion of em now. Problem was back then Stoolies didn’t even exist yet. It just goes to show you how timing in life is everything. If this ad ran nowadays my mom would probably be the new Mrs Fields.   Regardless shout out to my mom for doing whatever it took to get us where we are today.