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SCANDAL: Kentucky Derby Winner Medina Spirit Returned A Positive Drug Test After The Race, Now Facing A Possible DQ

Welp, there it is. A week after the Kentucky Derby it's announced that Medina Spirit returned a positive drug test. It's worth noting that he's not DQ'd ... yet. There's still an appeal process and Baffert is going to fight through all of that. But it sounds like the expected outcome is the DQ. It would be just the second time ever a Derby horse was DQ'd for this. It's a major problem in the sport. There's way too many stories of horses testing positive for drugs and it needs to be cleaned up. It's not like baseball where guys know what they are doing and we're seeing them mash homers. This is people deciding to give a  horse some sort of drug. Again, Baffert said he didn't give anything to Medina Spirit, but it's the same drug that Gamine tested positive for: 

Baffert's press conference was incredible though. He's the face of the sport and it's not the first time he's done this song and dance. But the conspiracy theory line right into 'it's not Bob Baffert' is, is just A+. That's how you deliver news when you know you're up against the wall. Just hope it sticks. I don't know man, maybe it keeps happening to you for a specific reason. You're right it's not a conspiracy theory or people are out to get you. It's just, again, I don't know, keep an eye on what's happening in the stalls and shit. 

I also love that he's just running him in the Preakness this week too. Sit out? Fuck that. We're going for the Triple Crown, DQ or not. I do hate the idea of 'stripping a title'. It's like vacating wins in the NCAA. We all saw that race. Are we going to go back and pretend like Mandaloun won? Nope. It's an asterisk. This will likely end up in court anyways and go through an entire appeal process so it'll be some time before we hear anything back. But Baffert opening his press conference talking about his horses work out for the Preakness was incredible. Oh you thought Medina Spirit ran well in the Derby? Just wait. 

It's no secret I love horse racing. One of my favorite things in the world. I wouldn't love it if I felt the animals weren't protected and treated correctly. Just get the drugs out of it. Clean it all up and I'm pretty sure everyone will be on board with it. No one is arguing for drugs. If you truly love the animals and truly care about the sport this is the only way to go forward. It'll be a shame if Medina Spirit gets DQ'd eventually and stripped of the title, but if it cleans up the sport. Good. Chicken and egg type situation. Just clean it up and let's get ready for Preakness.