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Cedric Mullins Hit A Pop Up To The Shortstop And Ended Up With One Of The Weirdest Triples You'll Ever See.

Cedric Mullins is the fastest man in the world. Maybe not statistically but look at how he glides in the video. Hits a pop up to shortstop, but since Xander Bogaerts, who is a damn good fielder, was playing on the other side of second and Rafael Devers was playing in to cut off a bunt, that made it a super tough play with everyone out of position. Bogaerts was still able to run it down and get in position to make a catch but he almost runs into Devers and kind of alligator arms it at the last second. The ball pops up and he hits it up to himself again before the ball falls to the ground. Xander bellyflops on the ball, Devers picks it up and sees Mullins on his way to third. No one was covering since they were all out of position and Mullins never stopped running. Christian Vázquez ended up covering third but Mullins beat the throw for a triple. Yes, it was ruled a triple, not an error. You want to over shift Mullins? Go right ahead, he'll hit a ball 161 feet opposite field for a triple with an exit velocity of 70.7 MPH. Maybe the most entertaining play of the night and it happened because Mullins ran hard out of the box and literally never stopped. He ended up scoring a solid insurance run as the Os went on to win. Love me some Cedric Mullins. 

I've also never seen something so true as that last picture on the O's IG. Does anyone even like Clam Chowder? It's just a joke right? Like people in Boston only say it cuz it sounds funny with their accent. Has to be. It's not even a top 5 soup. Give me Maryland Cream of Crab any day over that fraud chowder.