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"You Soft As Baby Shit, You A Loser" - Jimmy Butler Will Never Waste An Opportunity To Talk Shit To Karl-Anthony Towns

I can't say this comes as a surprise hearing that clip. You step in between the lines in a basketball game against Jimmy Butler, you better be ready for war. Both in terms of his play and his psychological warfare. We all know how Jimmy feels about KAT, how could we forget? 

So it's not surprising to hear him call KAT soft as baby shit and a loser. Personally, I love the shit talking. It's not like Butler talks shit and doesn't back it up. He had 25/8/6 with 5 steals on 7-15 in this game. The Heat won. Now KAT was also pretty good himself with 27 on 8-16, but that doesn't matter in this situation. Here's the full exchange

and this was the postgame

Love Anthony Edwards stepping up for his teammate but sort of wished he let KAT answer. He probably would have given some generic bullshit answer though and that's too bad. The NBA needs more bad blood and it's very apparent these two despise each other. 

The thing is, how wrong is Jimmy Butler? It's one thing for someone like me, a blogger, to call KAT soft. Who the hell am I? He could destroy me. But Jimmy Butler knows it when he sees it. Nobody would ever call Butler soft or a loser, because he is the exact opposite. There's a reason he got his ass out of Minnesota and we all know what it is. He called KAT/Wiggins soft then, and he'll call them soft now. I'm actually a little surprised this was all he said. That was pretty PG if you ask me. Maybe because when you can just go with the truth, that's what cuts the deepest.