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Anthony Edwards Is Going To Travel The World This Summer So He Knows What His Teammates Are Saying At All Times

I need this to happen strictly because we need a camera in front of Anthony Edwards at all times. He's the funniest guy in sports and it's not close. Also I just want to watch him learn a new language. This isn't the first time he's shown an appreciation for an accent or a language

But this? This is just a genius idea by Anthony Edwards. You never know if Ricky Rubio is pissed at you, so you go to Spain with him and learn his language. Just don't ever let him try to say something bad without you knowing. Maybe you chime in if you're all pissed off at like Josh Okogie. I think as humans we all can agree that finding out someone is talking shit about you with you right there is worst case scenario. I don't care if people talk shit, I just want to know what's being said. I don't want to be part of the joke and laughing along when I am the joke. We also know Anthony Edwards will do anything to learn about traditions.

I'm starting to think Anthony Edwards is just the best teammate and friend in the world. He's pleading for J Lo and Alex Rodriguez to get back together just so his future team owner will be happy. He's willing to travel to Spain with teammates to learn their language. That or maybe he's just hoping to kick it with Adam Sandler too. Regardless, I need a reality show around Anthony Edwards. Funniest damn guy in sports.