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Holy Fuck: Manuel Margot Scored Tonight On A Wild Pitch From SECOND BASE

Not to get all dramatic but this dude carried a 55 speed grade well into his minor league career. Obviously he turned out to be a threat on the bases but when you talk about scoring from 2nd on a wild pitch, you normally think of guys like Billy Hamilton. The guys who tagged up in AA on an infield fly. The guys with generational names and old stories and all that shit. I regret to inform you that up until tonight Manuel Margot was not one of them. Chances are he probably still won't be after this play but it doesn't discredit the hustle and appreciation that gets me to fire up the blog and make sure you guys know this actually happened tonight. A dude scored from second base on a wild pitch. Give me that electricity 100/100 times over a solo homer and it all counts the same. 

Personally I know about half a dozen coaches that would have gone out onto that field and murdered the pitcher and catcher in cold blood. Have some fucking communication one time fellas. Know your personnel and be in a position to make a play. You can't let Margot catch steam like a fucking a thoroughbred hitting the turn on 3rd base. In the words of Billy Madison (kinda) get off your ass and go find that fuckin ball. You can't be cadillac'ing and cocktailing your way around the baseball field. Kurt Suzuki should know better. 

Anyways this kind of shit brings me back to when the small ball subculture made a big impact on baseball. Scott Podsednik and Juan Pierre and Luis Castillo. CHONE FIGGINS. That was an electric time when guys who ran 70+ on the scouting scale (that basically means 4.4 speed or better) had a guaranteed job if they could hit the cutoff man. A time that allowed guys like Tony Campana to become household names. Granted it's long dead and gone, but it's nice to reflect on a time everyone used a couple excessively fast players thinking it was an advantage. Also kinda funny the White Sox are still doing it but that's a different blog. 

Manuel Margot. Absolute burner. 

PS - go listen to the Barstool Chicago sports podcast Red Line Radio