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Things Are Getting Uncomfortably Weird Inside The Kentucky Basketball Program

"to service you the best way I can" yeah sure thing buddy. Maybe mix in an Ice Mountain and let the heart rate settle before you start scaring all the babes away. Who asked for this anyways? I live in a world where things like "send me a 30-second video of you talking about XYZ" is very common place. From Dude Wipes to Roman Swipes to Chicago Parlays and a bunch of shit in between, I am no stranger to the concept of your employer rounding up a couple selfie promo videos for the social channels. But even so I cannot wrap my brain around Kentucky's athletic department asking Chin Coleman for some sentimental projections following a big lunch break on the peloton. 

The season ticket holders like it when you sweat

Truth be told I'm extremely salty that Chin Coleman left Illinois for Kentucky along with Orlando Antigua. That sentence probably sounds like a foreign language to a lot of you so in simpler terms: Kentucky took Illinois's top assistant coaches that do all the recruiting/handshaking/etc. I don't point fingers I just know these guys get results and now Calipari has them out doing this bulllshit. Makes me sick because Chin Coleman is a sweet name and a great coach. As a guy with an uncontrollably obnoxious chin myself, I always respected that guy. 

On the bright side, massive news today coming home: 

Little bit of a curveball with Dee Brown making the announcement but it's actually his replacement in 2007, Chester Frazier. Arguably the toughest college basketball player of my life. Inarguably the best leader on campus during my time at Illinois. Balls the size of your dad's head. He's been working under Bruce Weber at Kansas State since retiring and it kinda gives me the chills he's coming home. He's like the Trot Nixon of Illinois Basketball. I expect nobody to really give a fuck about him unless you watched him sweat and bleed for your team. In that case you know where I'm coming from and you know what this means for the program: no selfie videos with the tits popping. That's a good thing. 

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