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Please Excuse Me While I Responsibly Sprinkle The Bulls Tonight

I love the term "sprinkle" when talking about gambling. We don't use that term enough. It's such a harmless way to describe a wager but it's also so big league. You need a little action in the morning? Sprinkle. You're not sure you like the over or the run-line, sprinkle. Multi-team parlay with a big payout? Classic sprinkle. Starting the day with 3-separate 12:10pm first-5-inning unders? That's why you sprinkle. It's a step removed from splashing the pot while still keeping the same energy. You don't want to make a big deal out of it but you need an open ticket in your front pocket. 


With that in mind I think tonight's Bulls prop is a textbook sprinkle wager. The Bulls are 5-13 since St. Patricks Day. The wheels have completely fallen off the wagon with 7 games left and now we're at the surging Hornets after two off days. Personally I think the Bulls get smoked but that doesn't mean we don't get 20-20 from LaVine and Vuc. Everyone else sucks but hopefully they find some desire to cash this +130. Makes too much sense not to play this ticket. 

And if you're cautious? Honestly just sprinkle a little bit. Just to keep your eyes on the scoreboard and feel the play with the rest of us. This is a community effort at Barstool Chicago and you guys are more than happy to ride with us as we close out yet another depressing Bulls season fully marinated in long-term hope. Stop me if that sounds familiar. 

Finally: go listen to the Dempster interview from today. Great shit going on Red Line Radio as we get deeper into baseball season and laser focused on the Justin Fields scene. AGNB.