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The Worst Sports Teams To Request On The TV At A Bar

When you're feeling ambitious enough to get off the couch, but too cheap to get wasted off $18 draft beers - you watch the game at a bar. BUT, when you're in a strange out-of-market land with no familiar watering hole, will you be able to get the game on? Are you an asshole for hogging a tv for so a sub .500 small market team suck it up in primetime? Will the waitress spit in your food for asking to change over to the game? What's the worst team you can ask to be put on a tv? These are my picks from the major sports ... 

NBA: Sacramento Kings

Timberwolves probably should get the nod here, but when you are the 4th most relevant pro basketball team in your state, you're doing it wrong. 

MLB: Colorado Rockies

The Rockies have a beautiful stadium, but I've never seen someone outside of the stadium cheering for the Rockies. Even when they wear their sleeveless uniforms. When Colorado has success they put out a bad product with one of the most boring World Series performances of all time, getting swept by the Boston Red Sox.

NFL: Detriot Lions 

It's practically impossible to find an unloyal NFL fanbase that won't support their team, but if someone asks to put on a Lion's game and it isn't Thanksgiving Day, they deserve to be thrown in the gulag for eternity. Currently, Joe Burrow is the only thing keeping the Cincinnati Bengals out of this category. 

NHL: Florida Panthers 

It's hockey in Miami, Florida and they to try and make it better by celebrating with a victory rat. 

Arsenal FC: Does anyone actually want to watch this shit team?

The other night I didn't even try to get an all-time bad matchup between the (30-35) Indiana Pacers and (29-37) Sacramento Kings up the tv, because I knew any attempt would be futile. Which was a damn shame because instead of catching the Pacers self implode with an extremely weak coach-on-player fight … 

I sat silently, sipping my beer while watching the Rangers half-heartedly try and fight every Capital player. Worth it. What teams from each sport would you least like to see on at the bar?