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You don’t get to write much easier headlines than this one fellas. Just an absolutely preposterous 3 game series at Wrigley Field as the Cubs inch closer and closer to .500.

For those keeping track at home, that’s a sweep against Trevor Bauer, Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler. It really shouldn’t be physically possible to beat those three starting pitchers in a row but here we are talking about it. Here’s the big takeaway from that:

We don’t get the same amount of surprise from baseball these days. It’s been phased out. The game has evolved to certainties and measurements and knowing things before they happen. We’ve got such strong opinions because we’ve got so much data and weformed opinions and all this bullshit. Everything has been forecasted and predicted and considered. And then even so, the Cubs can take 3 miracle games from the Dodgers and I’m sitting here just stunned like I’ve never watched this game before. It’s crazy. End of the day you still have to go out and play the games. It’s amazing to see the Cubs veterans band together in these moments.

I had this series circled as an early make or break. The April Cubs are always shit and we have been dying to see Javy break out. About 30 games in and not really sure what direction this season could go. Then Amir Garrett got everyone fired up and now the Cubs are 4-1 in May with MOMENTUM. I know 120-something games left in the season but you can still be proud of this Cubs team. These are the games that can bring a team together and elevate to the next level.


Red Line Radio will be very good tomorrow. Big interview with Ryan Dempster.