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ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! JOHN MEANS WITH THE NO-NO AGAINST THE MARINERS AND I AM ROCK HARD!!!!!  Facing the minimum too! You could tell from the get go he was feeling it today. 12 ks too!!! Couldn't touch the changeup, you just couldn't. He's been absolutely unreal this season, coming into the game with an ERA of 1.70 and it goes down! He saw Gerrit Cole get that Pitcher Of The Month award and decided he had seen enough. He's so damn good and such a joy to watch. He absolutely dominated Seattle and the entire lineup. We were literally a dropped 3rd strike away from a perfect game too. Means struck a guy out and Pedro Severino let the ball get away, naturally he was erased on a caught stealing the next pitch so ball don't lie, it's a perfect game in my book. One of the worst rules in sports if you ask me. The "moment" that we always seem to get in every no-no was the Cedric Mullins diving catch late in the game, absolutely saved the game for Means. He was animated all game too, some nice fist pumps on the mound, he knew what was going on.

I couldn't be happier for Means and everything that he has gone through the past few seasons. Unbelievably sad stuff that no one should have to deal with but now he's on top of the pitching mountain. A no-hitter for a guy who made a Linkedin a few years back because he thought he was going to be cut. Just so awesome watching him dominate today, he deserves it. It's been a while since the Orioles had a no-no too, their last was a combined one in 1991 by 4 different guys, and their last solo no-hitter was Jim Palmer in  1969. Worth the wait, so worth it. I'm so happy for Means and his family, he's so damn good. I have to just say it again, JOHN MEANS THREW A NO HITTER!!!!