The New York Rangers Just Released The Most Embarrassing Statement In The History Of Organized Sport


I thought this was The Onion. I laughed out loud at it. "Horrifying act of violence", what...what are we even talking about? It's something that happens every night in the NHL. Scrums happen. He was penalized in the game and fined afterwards for the punches on the ground. But what was SCCTW supposed to do when Panarin hopped on his back? Give him a little piggie back ride to the bench? I mean I guess that would have been objectively funnier, but let's get real here. 

Let's come back to reality. I cannot believe the Rangers really released that statement. I understand Rangers fans being mad, I get that, but now the entire franchise is getting mocked online for being tissue paper soft. And speaking of soft, has Keith Olbermann had a stroke yet? 

This whole thing was blown so out of control. I am in awe of of how ridiculous this situation has become. He was penalized and then fined. PJ Stock had a good take on it:



Whole thing is ridiculous. What a mess. Tomorrow should be pure chaos.