Is Billy Joe Saunders’ Camp Being Divas Or Manipulative Geniuses?

I think my editors don’t necessarily like when we title blogs with a question, but as shit develops, perhaps the answer will become more clear. 

And reception in the bubble is spotty, so I will be quick... Billy Joe Saunders' dad seems to be the mouthpiece of BJ’s camp, and he’s not happy. 

He’s not happy with the absence of a British judge. 

He’s unhappy with the lopsided promotion in the fight. 

And now he’s unhappy with the size of the ring. 

I approached Canelo at this afternoon’s arrival conference (that Billy didn’t show up to) and Alvarez gave me the impression that he would beat up on Saunders inside the confines of a 18’, 20’, 22’ ring, or even a fucking soccer field, if push comes to shove. 

However, the ring size was set at 20’, which is traditional.  So acquiescing to Saunders camp is something the promoters don’t HAVE to do, and I'm sure it's something the oddsmakers at Barstool Sportsbook would rather not have to reconsider... And if at any point in the fight, Canelo misses on a shot that would've been unavoidable in a smaller ring, that will undoubtedly get in his head.

So again, is Billy making an empty threat, or is he playing chess with our emotions?  

I believe Eddie Hearn shows up tonight, and I am sure the powers that be at both Matchroom and DAZN will hammer this out ASAP, I just felt compelled to report on this petty shit from my front row seat because every big event like this needs a little pre-fight drama.

Plus it gives me an opportunity to remind you to tune in Saturday night.

Here are a couple of clips from the lobby just now…

The first is Saunders’ guys taunting Canelo as he is heading to the gym and Canelo responding by calling them pussies in perfect English…

The second is Billy Joe’s dad personally guaranteeing me that if they get the ring to 22’ then his son’s camp will have no further demands and we can all have a nice Cinco de Mayo…

I would get you Billy’s take on all this, but I’m told he’s up in his suite watching Scarface… Which is ironic because at some point the promoters are bound to say to the Saunders Camp…

Giphy Images.

Will keep you up as shit develops (mostly on social media since the WiFi here SUCKS) because Robbie and I are in the bubble all week and DAZN has given us incredible access. 

Take a report.