THIS IS FINE: Jacob deGrom Has Been Scratched From Tonight’s Start Due To Right Side Tightness

OK Mets fans, it’s your pal Clem here kindly asking you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say that everything will be fine. No really, please do this. We will wait for you.


*still waiting*

*stillllll waiting*

Better? No? Alrighty then! But here me out. Every season right around this time it seems that part of Jacob deGrom’s body barks or yelps or makes some sort of sound that the respective body part shouldn’t make which causes millions of Mets fans to lose their minds. Jake misses a start or two, returns, and continues to mow batters down with an extra MPH or 2 on his fastball.

So I’m just gonna chalk this up to whatever sort of self-maintenance that deGrom’s body puts itself through in order to continue being one of the best pitchers we have ever seen then grab the coldest Coors Light with the bluest mountain that I can find and in the words of Uncle Stevie, Chill Out. Responsibly.

On the bright side, at least the offense doesn’t have to worry about letting their ace down tonight. Between that and the new hitting coach, I’m putting the Mets down for an even 8 runs because that’s just how this team works. Whether that’s enough to win is still TBD since Joey Fuego couldn’t make it out of the goddamn 3rd again. Can’t wait to see Jake throwing 104 after this latest upgrade is complete.