McDonald's New Chick 'N' Cheese Burger Looks Scrumptious Despite What The Haters Are Saying

I mean.....

That looks Ronald McDonald put on his chef's hat, got deep into the kitchen, and came up with another winner like he has been for YEARS on end! Of course there's some of the usual suspects on a chicken sandwich on there including the sesame seed bun, the lettuce, the crispy chicken, and the classic McDonald's mayo that's always been on the McChickens of old. THEN they add a sweet tomato chili jam which sounds AWESOME & a fried mozzarella patty? C'mon! I'm truly not for quote unquote "instagram" foods that just throw random shit together to look cool, but are we really at the point in our lives where we're getting mad over a tomato chili jam & a fried mozz patty? I hope not because those sound delectable.

Now of course with most types of crazy fast food items there will be cons & these cons include a random extra piece of American cheese which is just fucking hilarious, 2 fried items on the same sandwich which can be overpowering, and the lettuce not being shredded. The shredded lettuce on many of their items is one thing I will always have respect for McDonald's over that. 

At the end of the day hopefully the great people of Singapore give them the benefit of the doubt because not to mention that chicken burger looks LIGHTYEARS better than those other 2 items McDonald's introduced there. Ha! Chicken Drumlets & Pizza McShaker Fries...What the actual fuck?