EXPERT Level Tank Job By The Cavs For Signing Anderson Varejao, Who Has Been Out Of The NBA For 4 Years

Obviously this is a celebratory contract type of thing, but what it really is is an EXPERT level tank job by our Cavaliers. Sitting at 21-43 and freshly eliminated from all playoff contention, our boys are sitting snug with the 6th worst record in the league. However, only two wins separate us from that spot and the 2nd to last spot. With 8 games left, to quote the great Kevin Garnett:

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1, 2, and 3 all have the same odds of bringing home the top pick. Is it time to pre-order a Cade Cunningham jersey?? Because if we're signing dudes that haven't played in the league in 4 years, we clearly have no interest in winning. This is actually already Exhibit C of this hypothesis though. Exhibit A has been happening over the course of the last couple weeks:

6 in a row and 9 of our last 10? Koby Altman really putting the GENERAL in General Manager. This man knows how to operate a tank. 

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Exhibit B of course being Kevin Love literally giving less effort than the last hour of work on a Friday when the boss is out of the office:

You gotta love when your highest paid player (literally got $1300 for this one second of work) is your hardest worker. But then he followed it up with an even better performance….

These boys sure do know how to lose. It really has been a work of art. I hope we continue to lose the next 8 and crawl into the finish line with 14 straight losses.

**Thoughts and prayers to anyone with O/U 22 wins before the season though. Finishing 21-51 and on a 14 game losing streak would HURT.