The NHL Laughs In The Face Of All The Sensitive Sallies, Fines Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson $5k For Last Night's Skirmish


Much to the dismay of crybabies everywhere, the NHL did not arrest SCC Tom Wilson for playing hockey last night. Not only is he not in handcuffs (pray for Keith Olbermann!), he isn't even suspended. Not even 1 game. Nope. The NHL reviewed the tape and went "ahh yes, I see the hockey player was playing hockey again" and gave him a $5k fine for rough housing a bit too much.

Hopefully the wild overreaction can now settle down a bit. I mean, my mentions have been crazy for the last 15 hours with the craziest/dumbest shit like "get the district attorney involved!" and "kick him out of the league!!!". Like, what are we even talking about anymore? It's the same people who go ape-shit when someone suggests taking fighting out of the sport (noooooo, the tradition!!!) who then get upset when SCCTW does ANYTHING. 

I said it in last night's blog that the punches to the head were unnecessary. I said I think he will be fined for them. And I was correct. But holy shit can we all calm down for a moment? You would think he took out a flamethrower and lit MSG on fire with how people were reacting. 

Would I despise Willy if he wasn't on the Caps? Probably. He's bigger, faster, stronger, hits harder, and scores more goals than anyone else. I would be pissed if he continually dominated my team and owned their souls and beat up our best players. But fortunately every other GM was too dumb to take him, so I don't have to worry about that. 

Ryan Whitney summed it up: