Town in Japan Drops $228K of Covid Relief Money On a Giant Squid Statue To Boost Tourism

A coastal town in Japan has dropped a reported 25 million yen — about $228,000 — on a 42-foot-long, 30-foot-wide and 13-foot-high statue of a pink squid, using money designated for coronavirus pandemic relief.

When I think about vacationing somewhere in the world my mind always flocks to one question and one question only: Do they have a giant squid statue? Noto, Japan has checked that box in grand fashion. I can't think of a better way to spend $228,000 worth of covid relief donations than this thing

The reasoning behind the purchase? Local officials believe this will spark a tourist flood to their area. 

Officials in Noto claim that their investment in the behemoth cephalopod will help drum up tourism in the cash-strapped fishing town, which is located in the Ishikawa prefecture on Japan’s central-western coast.

To be honest with you, that statue is fire. I mean what a work of art. Did Picasso craft that thing? Way to go Noto, Japan. Tourism is back, you have done it. Credit to them. 

If it were my town I woulda bought the giant Godzilla zip line ride, just my two cents on the matter. 

THAT is how you attract tourists and spark an economy.

Here's a close up video of the squid!