Using The Phone A Friend To Call Your Dad And Tell Him You've Won The $1,000,000 Will Forever Be The Greatest Gameshow Moment Of My Life

There's no surprise here but a lot of people including myself are in the NYC office for The Dozen Trivia contest. Naturally that sends me down a path where I want to share the single greatest gameshow moment of my life and for that we look no further than John Carpenter. It was a time when the talk of the nation singularly focused on whether or not we'd see a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire before the turn of the millennium. Some sources at the time say that Y2K software developments hinged on this very accomplishment. It was a tense time of optimism, enthusiasm and a rigid appreciation for Regis Philbin's wholesome banter under Big Pressure circumstances.

Match after match go by. Week after week. Month after month. In a time before the internet and thus social media, it's downright incredible to think of viral this show went. We were fucking CAPTIVATED which is one degree removed from being captive which essentially means we were prisoners to the entertainment. That's how good WWTBAM was and John Carpenter took it to the next level. He delivered when the country needed it most. 

This is relevant because I'm about to jump under the bright lights of the Dozen Trivia set. I've been preparing my entire life for this moment and now it's up to me WSD and Chief to deliver on behalf of Chicago. Did I ask for this pressure? Yes I did because I don't trust anyone else to handle it. Do I have faith we'll win? Let's talk when the episode airs and history is already sealed. Anything said before then would compromise the integrity of the competition.  

Speaking of which, shout of to Jeff D Lowe. I don't know if he gets enough credit so I'll give it to him right now. Dude is an absolute machine running around the office organizing shit. The production set is higher than anything I thought we could do. In no way, shape or form does this resemble an authentic Barstool production and that's the Jeff D Lowe difference. Would be nice if he threw us a couple softballs to get the matchup started.