The Marvel-Themed NBA Game Needs To Stay ... Strictly So We Can Get More Smoke Trails When Zion Airballs A Three

I'm not going to sit here and tell you I know anything about Marvel. Sorry Rob Fox and Clem. Not my cup of tea. But a smoke graphic as Zion airballs a three? That's all I need to know. I don't even know how that's remotely Marvel made. Just seems like a type of graphic they can use for anything. 

It's similar to the Nickelodeon NFL playoff game. Was it needed? Absolutely not. Do I want it to stay forever now? Absolutely. It's not like you HAVE to watch this version of the game. There was a regular ass broadcast on too. But I will now watch these weird graphic version of games solely for the Slime in the end zone after a touchdown or the chance of a smoke trailed airball three. It's fucking hilarious. Airballing a three stinks normally. It's embarrassing, especially when the whole knock on Zion is that he can't shoot. You toss a little smoke on that bad boy and it's now a perfect clip. Actually, the perfect clip would be a Mike Breen bang call with a smoke trail, preferably by Immanuel Quickley in the fourth quarter. 

The smoke trail just reminds me of NBA Jam, which is really the graphic package we need. I've said it before but NBA Jam is a LOCK in my top-5 video games ever. It's that, American Gladiators (Nintendo), Mario Kart (N64) and then start debating Tecmo Bowl, a Madden game, NBA Live, NBA Street, a FIFA game, Blitz, Mario Party and Tiger Woods golf. NBA Jam though? If you got on fire and had that smoke, you knew you were about to fuck your buddy up. 

Actually, can we just get an NBA Jam league? I know we can't bring Slamball back because of injuries and a dude basically snapping his ankle/leg in half. But what about NBA Jam? I'd watch two on two, full contact with that guy announcing. Somehow make up rules that you're on fire you don't miss. Not sure how it'd work but that's what like Vince McMahon is for. That and BASEketball needs to happen. I will be commissioner of both.