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The Mets Fired Hitting Coach Chili Davis Last Night And Replaced Him With Someone Named Hugh Quattlebaum, Who May Or May Not Be A Real Person

As the old saying goes, you know shit is serious when there's a tweet with sports equipment. And unfortunately for Chili Davis and Tom Slater, it signaled the end of their time with the New York Mets. 

Firing the hitting or pitching coach is the first things fans demand when a unit is struggling even though there is no proof that a change will definitely fix anything. But the Mets had to do SOMETHING considering the Mets haven't hit with runners in scoring position since 2019, which was Chili's first year with the team. You can't keep having your starters not named Joey Fuego throwing gems then walking away with no decisions or losses when you have that much talent on offense. 

I'll be honest, Hugh Quattlebaum sounds like a straight up made up person, which would kinda makes sense considering the bats came alive once Donnie Stevenson arrived on the scene. But the Mets can hire Santa Claus as the hitting coach and the Easter Bunny as the hitting coordinators if that's what it will take to keep the runs coming and and prevent me from losing my goddamn mind as the Mets leave a dozen runners in scoring position. There is no reason this team should have the 2nd worst offense in baseball ahead of only the Tigers, who are essentially a Triple A team right now.

So we are putting our faith in the hands of Hugh Quattlebaum, Kevin Howard, and Donnie Stevenson to turn this ship around, even if two of those people may not even exist.