Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson Has People Very Angry Tonight


Ok so Stanley Cup Champion Tom Wilson did that tonight. I'll leave it up to you to decide if it was a hockey scrum that's happened hundreds or thousands of times before, or if he went overboard. Personally, I'd say it's somewhere inbetween. I think the defenseless punches were a bit much. I am rational, I don't think those were necessary. And so he served a 4 minute roughing penalty and 10 minute misconduct. The internet though- they got MAD. And this happens every time SCCTW does anything, people overreact. Tonight was crazy though. Again, I understand he did some over the top shit. I don't want him to intent to injure anyone. But then we get takes like this and wind up in Crazy Town:




HANDCUFFS!!! JAIL!!! POLICE!!!!!! 9-1-1!!!!!!


I mean obviously Olbermann is a crazy person but you get the point, people are losing their marbles. My mentions are flooded with people who want me and or him dead. And one guy really wants me to suck his dick. He's requested it multiple times. Seeing as it was Pride night at the Garden I feel I have to at least consider. I mean I've never done it before but he is so insistent! But anyway, people are very, very mad. 

And I get it. I wouldn't want to see that happen to anyone on the Caps. But SCCTW is the stir that straws the drink. Does he need to be smarter? Sure. Do people overreact every time he touches the ice, breathes, or otherwise. 100%. 

So now we wait and see if the NHL takes action here. I think a fine is acceptable. A suspension is possible, hopefully not into the postseason though. Or maybe he'll get jail time. No, just kidding, you psychos. 

Not for nothing, you gotta laugh at the the cherry on top of the Rangers season being him icing the game with an empty netter. SCCTW doing SCCTW things.




PS: If you're a fan of the Rangers, Isles, Flyers, B's, etc and you claim you don't want him on your team you are a liarrrrrrr. Or just dumb. Maybe both. But mostly a liar.